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New features have been added that are not in the video.

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We have a proven solution that has helped over 4,000 music producers.

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The Music Maker Template is a Premium WordPress theme that offers a beat store, product store, customizable appearance and much more.

Create a complete website. Add unlimited pages, sell digital and physical products, create a blog for news updates, add WordPress plugins and more.

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Includes 90 FREE Graphics

Customer Showcase

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Young Pro Music Website Showcase Website Showcase Website Showcase I Am Tre Beatz Jay Stacks Mc Maniac Beats MFW Audio Cod3 Red Electret Records Fashion Beat Team Strych 9 Musik Dragun Family ENT. Heavy Weight Audio

Feature Overview

This theme offers tools for every music maker trying to make money off their craft.

Tons of Features

This template is packed full of features that will help you to promote your music to expand your customer reach.

Beat Selling WordPress Theme

Set Up Your Beat Store

It's accessible 24 hours a day and delivers beats to your customers instantly. The beat store homepage is a searchable page that can hold an unlimited amount of beats.

Additional Beat Store Features
  • Auto Email Notifications
  • Accept PayPal Payments
  • Supports Different Currencies

Customize Your Site's Appearance to Fit Your Needs

The Music Maker theme makes it easy to fully customize your website. You change the layout, colors, and branding images easily with a few clicks.

Your creativity has no limits and neither does this theme. Customize the look and feel to fit your design needs.

Customizable Appearance

  • Add a Custom Logo and Favorite Icon.
  • Custom Background Image: Select from 24 background patterns or upload your own. Preview
  • Site Color: Use a color picker to choose the color for buttons, links, etc. Preview Color Picker
  • Navigation Location: Select to have your navigation menu appear above or below your logo.
  • Sidebar Location: Select to have your sidebar appear on the left or right of your website.

Homepage Banner Carousel

Greet visitors to your website with the sleek homepage banner carousel that can hold up to 8 different messages and link to different pages on your site. Preview Back-end

600+ Google Fonts

Choose from over 650 Google fonts for page headers, buttons, banners, and more. Preview Fonts

Homepage Content Options

You have 3 options for the content that appears on the homepage of your site.

  • Use the Beat Store if you are focused on showing off your beat collection to potential customers.
  • Use the Blog as your homepage to keep your homepage fresh with content.
  • Or create a Static Page to display any message you want. Example: Welcome message, email sign up message, list of services, etc. Preview Home Options

Add Custom CSS Styling

If you need more customization, you can easily add custom CSS directly into the options panel to overwrite any theme styling. Preview CSS Input

Sidebar & Footer Widget Areas

The theme includes 3 sidebars and the footer supports 3 widgets. Preview Footer Widgets

The Music Maker theme offers a variety of different content templates already built-in.

Static Pages

Unlimited Blog Posts & Static Pages

Create unlimited static pages for pages like services,
discography, testimonials, contact, and more.

Blog Posts

Unlimited Blog Posts & Static Pages

Add unlimited blog articles to keep fans and
customers up to date on your projects.


Photo Gallery

Quickly add images to the image gallery for your fans
and followers to see your activities. Preview


Video Gallery

Easily add videos from YouTube and Vimeo that appear
in a sleek overlay window. Preview

Product Store

Sell both digital and physical products or link to in
the built-in product store. Preview


Events Template

Add upcoming events to your website and link to
external websites to sell tickets. Preview

Promotion Bar

The promo bar is a notification bar that appears on the top of your website to grab attention. You can change the text, background color and action button easily in the options panel. Preview Promo Bar

Built-in S.E.O Features

S.E.O options are built into the theme to add meta keywords and descriptions for beats, blog posts, static pages, and products. Preview Meta Inputs

Add Additional WordPress Plugins

WordPress offers over 20,000 FREE plugins at You can easily add plugins to add additional features to your website.

11 Custom Shortcodes

Use the custom shortcode generator to add these features: MP3 player, YouTube / Vimeo videos embeds, alerts messages (5 colors), buttons (5 Sizes), quotes, Google Maps, text highlight, CSS tooltips, FAQ toggle box, and website snapshots. Preview Shortcodes

Help Instructional Training Videos

Multiple training videos have been created to help you get up and running fast. They guide you step-by-step in creating and adding content to your site. View the Help documentation.

Browser Tested

This theme was tested to ensure that it is compatible with all the modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Widgets are content boxes that can easily be edited and moved around your website's sidebar and footer. Simply drag and drop to activate.

WordPress Widgets

Text Banner

Create a simple editable text banner. Add a headline, sub-headline, and button to link to any page on your website. Use a color picker to choose the color of the banner and button. Preview

Image Banner

Easily add an image banner and link it to any page without touching any code. Preview

Sort by Genre, Category, or Tag

Sort beats by music genre, category, or tag. Preview

Beat Buying Steps

Use this pre-designed beat buy steps widget to show your customer how easy the buying process is. Add 1 to 5 steps. Preview

Testimonial Widget

Testimonial Widget Preview

Youtube Video Widget

Embed a Youtube video in a widget. Preview

Vimeo Video Widget

Embed a Vimeo video in a widget. Preview

About Widget

Easily add a photo, short description, and link the image to your about page to allow visitors to learn more about you. Preview

Newest Beats

Displays your most recent beats. This widget displays the beat name and beat genre. Preview

Random Beats

Randomly displays beats from your entire beat collection. This widget displays the beat name and beat genre. Preview

Social Profile Links

Displays links & icons to your social profiles. There are 14 social sites available. Preview

Recent Blog Posts

Displays a list of recent blog posts and publish dates. Preview


Display a list of upcoming events. Preview

Facebook Like Box

Display your Facebook like box. Preview

Photo Gallery Widget

Randomly loads images you have added to your photo gallery. Preview

Social Network Integration

Music makers need to utilize a number of social sites to promote your music. You can use the Music Maker theme as your central location where everything comes together.

Prominent Social Icons

The Music Maker theme offers social icons in the header and a custom social widget where you can choose from 14 social sites to display on your website. Icons include Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, SoundClick, and more. Preview Icons

Embed Twitter & Facebook

Easily embed your social feeds from Twitter or Facebook and many other social sites. Preview Social Feeds

Social Widget Plugins

Add additional WordPress plugins to add an Instagram or Flickr photo widget.

Here are photos of the back-end of the Music Maker theme.

Beat Manager Beat Manager
Payment History Payment History
Add Beats Adding Beats
Product Manager Product Manager
Music Genre Music Genres
Options Panel Options Panel - Appearance
Options Panel Options Panel - Header
Video Manager Video Manager
Product Manager FAQ Manager
Photo Manager Photo Manager
Banner Manager Banner Manager
Promo Bar Back-end Promo Bar Back-end

Customer Testimonials

I was about to spend about $500 on a guy to make a website for me and my friend to sell our beats. I was lucky to find your theme which was exactly what we needed. Pedro Toribio
The features are exactly what you need e.g. Instant downloads, free downloads, license check box etc. I would highly recommend the Music Maker theme to any producer out there. Save your money, buy this theme and be your own boss. CrypMind Beats
Amazing WordPress theme, looks and feels professional!KC
If you want an easy solution, this is the way to go. My site is up and generating $$$ after only 2 days. Megalo
There are many features this theme offers and I'm looking forward to taking advantage of them all. I'll say I got my money's worth.Kevin
This theme lets you control all your business, with no need to worry about third party plugins or flash integration. This theme is made by a producer for producers. Yaniv
The thing that I like most about this theme is, it is simple to get started. You just add your beats, and fans / customers can listen to your music from any device. There is no coding or any difficult work involved. Just upload the theme to your server and you're ready to start selling beats! Nathan

FREE Bonus Graphics

Take your online marketing to the next level with our free music marketing graphic sets.

Includes over 90 marketing graphics.

Gold Design Set - 9 Graphics

Gold Branding Set

Mixer Design Set - 7 Graphics

Mixer Design Set

Music Maker Theme Banners - 8 Graphics

Music Maker Theme Banners

Simple Graphic Set - 16 Graphics

Simple Graphic Set

Wood Graphic Set - 20 Graphics

Wood Graphic Set

Chrome Design Set - 10 Graphics

Chrome Design Set

Professional Design Set - 7 Graphics

Professional Design Set

Abstract Design Set - 8 Graphics

Abstract Design Set

4 Music Maker & Facebook Banners

Music Maker & Facebook Banners

You will need Adobe Photoshop to edit these graphics.

Feature Comparison

The Music Maker theme offers more options and customization than any other beat selling website.


  • Instant Beat Downloads
  • Coupons & Discounts
  • Sell Products
  • Unlimited Static Pages
  • News Blog
  • Complete Website
  • Add Features ( WP Plugins )
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Photo & Video Gallery
  • SEO Features
  • Customize Code
  • Marketing Graphics
  • Monthly Fee
  • Price
  • Website Hosting *

Music Maker


  • $19.99
  • $239 / Year
  • Not a Full Website


  • $19.99
  • $239 / Year
  • Not a Full Website

* You need a website host to use the Music Maker Theme.
If you need a website host Bluehost offers website hosting for as low as $35 per year if you sign up for 3 years.
Their plans include a FREE Domain Name and a 30-day money back guarantee.

How to Make Money Online

Here are a few ways to make money with the Music Maker WordPress theme.

1. Professional Website

Create a central location for fans and customers to buy your products.

2. Customizable Appearance

Change the website appearance and layout without having to touch any code.

3. Sell, Sell, Sell

With this template you can sell beats and digital / physical products.

4. Social Integration

Promote all your social profiles easily and embed social feeds.

5. Great Features

Instant beat downloads, multiple content types, responsive layout, charted sales reports, and more.

Get it Now &
Start Your Online Business Today!

Our template will help you sell beats, products, and make money.

Sell 1 Beat & It Pays For Itself

Don't spend thousands of dollars to hire a coder to create your site.

Over 2,500 Satisfied Customers



  • Music Maker WordPress Theme
  • 90 Free Marketing Graphics
  • Access to training videos
  • Single Site License
  • All Theme Features
  • 12 Months of Updates

Both Credit Card & PayPal Accepted.

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Presale FAQs

Theme Requirements

You need the following:

1. A Website Host ( Not Included )
You need a host that allows you to install WordPress. Check out Bluehost

2. Domain Name

3. The Music Maker WordPress theme

There are many benefits of having a web host. You will have more storage space, 10GB to unlimited space on average. You can create multiple sites and blogs on your own web server. Check out Bluehost, it is the web host company I use.

Can this theme be used on

No, you will need to have your own self-hosted blog. You need to have a self hosted website host.

What do I get when I purchase this theme?

You get the Music Maker WordPress theme, 90+ bonus graphics, and access to the online help website.

License Renewal

Each purchase includes support and upgrades for one year. After the first year, to receive continued updates and support is $25 for an additional 12 months of update. You may choose to not renew and continue to use the theme but without the ability to receive new updates and support.

20+ Presale Questions

Need a Website Host?

A popular website host is Bluehost. They offer affordable hosting for WordPress blogs, online stores, and small businesses.

Bluehost Features: Free Domain Name. 50GB Storage. 24/7 Support. Cancel at Anytime. Money-Back Guarantee.

Check out Bluehost

About the Theme Creator

This theme was created by Mark V. at Hip Hop Makers has been up and running for over 8 years, helping music makers by sharing knowledge and resources. Supporting music makers is what I strive to do.